Who produces Heraclea’s olive oil?

Heraclea proudly produces its own olive oil from the PDO-certified Memecik olives that we cultivate on our family-owned groves, spanning across 100 acres of land on the skirts of Mount Latmos.

Why does it matter that we purchase directly from the producer?

Most olive oil brands outsource their oil, meaning they have little to no control over how the oil is made. Non-producing brands can do nothing beyond relying on third party claims when it comes to the quality of the oil they sell. Date of harvest, blending, single-origin, and many other influential properties are impossible to tell because they cannot be tested with certainty. For more transparency and accountability, it is better to purchase your olive oil from actual producers instead of middleman brands.

How is your olive oil more environmentally friendly than other brands?

Because we are olive cultivators, we are on the field all year long and our agricultural decisions impact the carbon footprint of the final product. At Heraclea, we refuse to use any and all agro-chemicals, meaning our products are free of fertilizers, pesticides, and artificial irrigation. And since these factors all together account for over 50% of the carbon footprint emitted in the life cycle of olive oil, we can fairly say that our olive oil is among the most environmentally friendly out there. Not to mention that we are donating 1% of all sales to environmental causes!


Where does your olive oil come from?

Our oil comes from Turkey, where we oversee the entire process of production from our family-owned groves until our products reach your tables!

Is Heraclea olive oil organic?

Our products are free of any and all agro-chemicals and our olive groves are currently in the process of obtaining USDA organic certification. We will notify our customers (with great joy!) when we officially receive the certification.

How does harvest date impact the quality of your olive oil?

Olive oil can be safely consumed without any quality deterioration within two to three years of harvest, IF certain storage conditions are met. Heraclea stores its olive oil in stainless steel tanks at its own climate-controlled storage and bottling facility located in Milas, Turkey. Prior to bottling, our oils sit in these tanks with zero oxygen contact to prevent rancidity.

How soon after opening a bottle should I consume?

Once you open a bottle, olive oil contacts with oxygen, which initiates the process of oxidation. While this poses no health risks, it starts deteriorating the quality of the olive oil. We recommend that you use our olive oil within three months after opening the bottle.


Where does Heraclea ship from?

Our products are stored in and ships from an FDA-registered warehouse located in Ohio.

Does Heraclea offer international shipping?

For now, Heraclea is available only within the United States. As we grow, we will expand our scope to serve our customers in different countries.

How soon after placing an order will my order ship?

Orders received before 10:00 AM ET will be ready to ship the same day. Orders received after that will ship the following business day.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is our largest expense per order. We do our best to minimize transferring this cost to our customers. Shipping is free for all orders above $85, and $8.99 for orders below that amount.

What is your return policy?

We do not currently accept returns or exchanges on our products. That said, we want to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with their experience with us. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please reach us at


I am a brand owner and I feel our brands have similar missions. Can we collaborate?

We would love to get to know you and your brand! Feel free to reach us at for more information.

I am a store owner and I want to carry your products. Where can I place an order?

Right now, we accept wholesale orders from Mable. If you are interested, visit to place your order.

Are you hiring? Can I be a part of Heraclea?

We are always looking for enthusiastic candidates to grow our team! If you are a mission-driven olive oil enthusiast, please reach us at to connect.

I have questions that are not answered above. What should I do?

We are all ears! If you have any questions or concerns not answered above, please feel free to reach us at and we will get back to you promptly.