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One lucky person (and their plus one) will join our Fall/Winter 2023 harvest on a 7-day, all-expenses-paid trip to the Turkish Riviera, where they will witness the time-honored tradition of olive harvesting and olive oil production, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Turkish Riviera, and connect with the historic lands of Heraclea.

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What You Can Expect

A paid-for stay in the Turkish riviera

This is an all-expenses paid trip, including round-way flight tickets, accommodation, and meals.

Experience olive harvesting

When does a harvest start? What’s the difference between Early and Mature Harvest? We will show you every detail of olive harvesting.

Witness olive oil production

How are olives transported from the grove to the mill? What does “cold pressed” mean? How is olive oil stored prior to bottling? 

Connect with our culture and land

Heraclea is rich with history and culture. You will have a chance to meet with our people, hear their stories, and connect.


What exactly is the Harvest Trip?

The Harvest Trip is a 7-day long, all-expenses-paid trip to Turkey organized by Heraclea for one lucky person to experience olive harvesting and learn about olive oil production.

When will the Harvest Trip take place?

The trip is scheduled for November 2023. The exact date will be determined depending on the start date of our annual harvest. Because harvest times vary depending on weather conditions and other factors, it is hard to tell an exact day in advance.

How will I go to Turkey?

You will get on a plane from a US airport that has direct flights to Istanbul. A member of Team Heraclea will greet you at the Istanbul airport, where you will then get on another flight to Milas-Bodrum, which is where our olive groves are located. As for your return trip, you will be accompanied by a member of our team until you check-in for your flight at the Istanbul airport.

Where will I stay during this trip?

You will stay at the House of Heraclea, a fully-equipped village guest house owned by Heraclea.

Who will guide me during this trip?

Our co-founder and CEO, Berk Bahceci, will be with you at all times during your stay. In times when he is not available due to an emergency, an English-speaking guide will accompany you.

From the Founder

We founded Heraclea with the goal of producing high-quality olive oil that is also earth-friendly. I believe we have achieved this by producing a clean, award-winning product olive oil that people simply love. 

Now, we want to show you who we really are - our lands and our people. We want to take you on a journey into the Turkish Riviera, where you will join our harvest team and become one of us, learn the intricacies of olive oil production, and experience the satisfaction of getting your hands dirty with soil. 

Note: That’s me from our 2022/23 harvest, getting my hands dirty, and look how happy I am :)

Berk Bahceci,

From our community
Received my package and just WOW! Forget about the grocery stuff, those aren't even real. This will become my go-to olive oil from now on. And founder called me personally to get feedback which was very thoughtful :)
Sierra K.
Purchased: early harvest
I recently tried Heraclea's The Pairing olive oil and it was absolutely amazing! It has a rich, delicious flavor that is unlike any other olive oil I've ever tasted - I highly recommend it!
Steph L
Purchased: mature harvest
Can really tell it’s better than any I’ve had before.
Bruce A
Purchased: early harvest